Nowhere else on Earth will you find a desert quite like the Negev.


The Negev desert, also home to the renowned Negev Craters, is a place of fascinating history that attracts people in from all over the world. It’s also a place where extraordinary beauty and serenity meet, and where the kindest, warmest people reside - it’s no wonder they call it the friendliest desert in the world! And with it being just a short drive from Israel’s international airports, the Negev has never been more accessible!


At Desert Shade, we believe that man should exist together with nature, and that we should give back to nature as much as we take from it.  Desert Shade exists for curious people, with a range of great accommodation options for those wanting to explore and sample the true wonder of the desert. In our Eco Camp you will find not only a comfortable place to rest your head at night, but also a group of dedicated people who are happy to help you seek your own desert experience. You’ll also get to enjoy some fresh and unique food prepared onsite, as well as wine made from grapes grown in our own vineyard.


We hope to become a part of your amazing trek through the desert by showing you the beauty of our land through hiking, biking, interaction with local Bedouin communities - and so much more! 

Publications about Desert Shade:

May 02, 2018

Desert Shade - Sustainable tourism

Kristin Hanes, on The Switchers

"... just steps away from this magnificent crater is an eco-camp called Desert Shade, where people from around the world come to reside in a silent, stark, and living desert"

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View From The Bedouin Tent
Avadat Eco-Tent
Avadat Eco-Tents
Shaded Areas In The Sun Terrace
Views From The Stone Gallery
Entrance To The Stone Gallery
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Bar Mitzva In The Genesis Lands
Private Even With A View
Rujum Desert Whinery
Ecological Building