Any Reason For Celebration

There is always a reason for celebration and we invite you to celebrate with us infront of breath taking scenery with unique atmosphere.


Celebrate the view

Desert Shade located on the rim of the Ramon Crater in a location like no other.


Unique, creative and personal

If you dream of stepping away from the traditional event locations, we can offer you an opportunity to customize the event down to the specific details. Whether you want a wedding at sunrise or a Bedouin feast, Desert Shade has the logistics and ability to meet your needs.  


Deep in the desert yet easy to reach

Though we are hidden in the hills of the desert, we still remain easily accessible from the main road. We are but a short distance from the centre of Mitzpe Ramon and ample parking is available.


No rush to get back home

Desert Shade, as well as many other accommodation options in Mitzpe Ramon, offer you an excuse to remain longer after your event in the beautiful, serene desert.


Dance under the stars

At Desert Shade, our "ceiling" is  always decorated by thousands of twinkly stars. For some added magic, experience your bright night under the light of a full moon.


It’s never too hot

Even in the middle of the hot Israeli summer, the nights remain cool in the high Negev Mountains, providing the perfect air for an outdoor event. When it is cold outside, it is warm inside! Enjoy the event inside the beautiful gallery, huge windows provide a panoramic view of the stunning Ramon Crater.

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Our office is open Sunday - Thursday

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Photography - Haim Ravia, Ziv Shertzer, Yosi Aloni