The Eco-Camp

The Desert Shade Eco Camp, located in a magical desert landscape on the rim of the Ramon Crater, is the perfect desert accommodation option for individuals, families, and groups. Its unique location on the edge of the largest crater and nature reserve in Israel is the ultimate gateway to explore the desert trails in the area. The camp is also within walking distance of the center of town, meaning you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of the desert as well as all the attractions and entertainment options in Mitzpe Ramon.


An Eco-Tent - what the heck is that?!


Our ecological tents, or Eco-Tents, are a unique combination of simple construction and walls built with recycled materials. This method of construction has many advantages and ensures the right temperature is maintained within the Eco-Tent, meaning you don’t get to feel the extreme weather fluctuations of the desert. We’ll tell you all about the pros and cons of eco-construction when you stay with us at Desert Shade!

Organic Group

Explanation of the measures we take to ensure a safe stay with us, and the actions you are requested to take to keep yourself and others healthy, can be found on this page




Avdat Eco-Tent For Couples

Suitable for Couples
(up to 2 people + a child up to 5 years old)

Our Avdat Eco-Tent is an intimate and cozy space with a view overlooking the crater, providing you with your own personal connection to the quiet and enchanting desert.


Yeleq Eco-Tent For Couples

Suitable for up to 2 people

Our Yeleq Eco-Tent is an intimate and cozy space with a view overlooking the crater, providing you with your own personal connection to the quiet and enchanting desert.

Family Size


Ardon Eco-Tent For Families

Suitable for up to 4 people

Our Ardon Family Eco-Tent has an amazing view out across the crater, so you can enjoy a shared space with friends and/or family while savoring the stunning scenery you will wake up to every morning.


Saharon Eco-Tent For Families

Suitable for up to 4 people (can be adapted to accessibility)

The Saharon Eco-Tent is special because it features an A/C and is located at the center of the Eco-Camp. This one is also designed ecologically so most chances you won't activate the A/C anyway.


Faran Eco-Tent For Families

Suitable for up to 5 people

Our Faran Eco-Tent is a slightly bigger option, providing enough space for a family while remaining cozy. This Eco-Tent is located at the front of our site, offering you some spectacular views of the crater.


Dla'at Desert Igloo

Suitable for up to 5 people

The Dla'at "Desert Igloo" is a geodesic dome with a unique construction of thermal isolating sheets and mud walls. Though the hot air is extracted out of the top ventilation hole, we installed an A/C  in the Dla'at.


Arif Eco-Tent For Families

Suitable for organic group of up to 6 people

Our Arif Eco-Tent is also an ecological construction masterpiece, using recycled materials. This is the place where you can all get to enjoy the silence of the desert together.

Groups / Shared



 Currently unavailable 

Suitable for backpackers / solo-travelers

Enjoy the comfort of a bed and the company of other travelers in the calming atmosphere of Desert Shade Eco-Camp.


Karkom Studio

Suitable for organic group of up to 12 people

Our "Luxurious" Karkom Studio is perfect for big families. Equipped with a strong A/C and a private toilet, so you can spoil yourself a little and connect with nature with improved conditions.


Desert Style


The Bedouin Tent

Suitable for organic group of up to 18 people

The Bedouin tent is for those interested in a truly authentic desert experience. The tent is made from goat's wool originally woven by Bedouin women and also comes with a beautiful view of the crater.


The Zula

Suitable for groups up to 8 people

Picture this: sleeping on the floor in a shack with a roof of straw and waking up to the desert sunrise. Take your group to a real desert experience.




Bring Your Own Tent

Come and reconnect with nature!

Just bring your own tent and favorite camping equipment and settle down for the night on our organized camping site with one of the best views of the stunning Ramon Crater.



Calmping is what we call “calmly camping in nature” - if you don't have your own tent and still want to reconnect with nature, our Calmping tents are the perfect option!

Several family tents are set in shelters protected from the wind and sun so that all you need to do is to come and enjoy some camping with one of the best views around.


Facilities & Services


Additional Information

Sun Terraces
Access To Desert Sculpture Park
Bonfire Spots
Guests Kitchen
Showers and Toilets
Shuttle Service
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Reception between: 16:00-19:00

Check-out time: until 11:00​

Wi-fi is free for all guests and is available only in the Stone Gallery​


Pets / animals are not allowed on the Eco Camp premises


As our guests are trying to connect with nature, please try and keep quiet when staying with us​


Entrance to the Eco Camp is for guests only​


Vehicles are not permitted to enter the accommodation area

We recommend you bring a torch as we keep the premises fairly dark in order for our guests to get a better view of the star-filled skies

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