Host your Business Event

If you wish for a creative and inspiring new atmosphere for your company, the unique desert landscape on the rim of the Ramon Crater is exactly what you are looking for.


We have 25 years of experience in hosting and producing a variety of events, and it gets even more special on the cliff-edge of one of Israel's most breathtaking views, a location like no other. Best of all, you get to reconnect with nature within the comforts of our organized facilities. 

One stop solution

With our many years of experience in producing events and desert tourism, we know how to ensure all the necessary services and solutions are in place to deliver the ultimate experience. The Desert Shade compound can also be used as the center of your event’s activities during the day. 


Unique and creative

With our unique location and a wide range of services and facilities, we can provide you with some flexible options. We can even ensure your event is designed to stay consistent with the spirit of your business.


No need to rush back home

Once your special event is over, Desert Shade - with a number of other accommodation options in the serene and beautiful Mitzpe Ramon - provides the perfect opportunity to prolong your stay in the desert.


Deep in the desert - yet easy to reach

We might be a little off-the-beaten-track in our own special corner of the desert, but we’re still easily accessible from the main road that runs through Mitzpe Ramon. The center of Mitzpe Ramon is a short distance away, and there’s plenty of parking available.


We’ll keep it intimate

Since we’re located in a closed off area on the cliff-edge of the Ramon Crater, while surrounded by the hills of the desert, we can guarantee your event remains intimate and private.

Team & Leadership Workshops


"Without a motive, it’s not easy for a person to live in the Negev, but the environment of the Negev, more than any other environment, is capable of making one realize the extraordinary powers hidden within him, and no man himself normally feels all of existence, and though hidden strengths live in every person, he does not feel them and does not raise them. There is a special virtue in humans in the Negev to discover these hidden forces, to raise the level of simple human creativity."

David Ben-Gurion, 1965

With 25 years experience of leading many groups and leaders, Desert Shade invites you to experience exactly what Ben Gurion spoke of...

Disconnect from distractions

Desert Shade is surrounded by hills and overlooks the magnificent Ramon Crater. Our Eco Camp provides the perfect place to disconnect and isolate yourselves, so your team can focus on exactly what it needs to. All that’s left for you to do is resist the temptation of your phone (hard, we know) so you can remain free from unnecessary distractions. 


Close to all the services you need

Despite its relatively isolated location deep in the desert, Desert Shade is only a few hundred meters from the centre of Mitzpe Ramon, so you are always close to all necessary services and additional accommodation options.


Development through experiences

At Desert Shade, we believe that a rich and varied program of activities in the ever-challenging desert is the optimal way to ensure individual and collective development, while making the experience unique and memorable.


Consolidation continues, even when the day is over

We offer group accommodation options at Desert Shade that ensure the sense of togetherness and unity gained during the day will continue into the night. We invite you to enjoy the peace of the desert, together. Campfire areas are scattered around the premises, and there are also a range of private accommodation options in and outside the Eco Camp.


25 years of experience

The man behind the workshops is Ziv Spector - the founder of Desert Shade and a workshop leader for over 25 years. Ziv has also led leadership development programs among the local population and the Bedouin community.