COVID-19 Guidelines - The Purple Badge

General Restrictions 

  • Desert Shade Eco-Camp will host only 80% of normal capacity at any given time.

  • People who were requested to stay in quarantine won't be allowed to enter the Eco-Camp.

  • We measure your body temperature at the entrance. If it's higher than 38°C you won't be allowed to enter the Eco-Camp.

  • All guests are required to sign a Health Waver.

  • While in public areas, all guests must wear a face mask.

  • We placed hand sanitizers in various locations in the common areas. Guests are requested to sanitize their hands when entering and leaving common areas.

Tuesdays are for guests over 50 years old or in risk groups only (We define "risk groups")

Actions we take to ensure your health 

  • All accommodation units have at least 2 meters of separation between the entrances and are facing the open air.

  • We lowered the maximum amount of people in each accommodation unit to a maximum of 8 people who belong to the same "Organic Group".

  • All the surfaces in the Eco-Camp are sanitized multiple times a day with cleaning materials containing at least 70% of alcohol or bleach.

  • Accommodation units are sanitized completely before your stay including mattress, pillows, blankets, etc.

  • Beddings are given at the reception and guests should install it on their bed. Our workers will not touch it.

  • All of our workers will serve you with PPE - face masks and disposable hand gloves.

Showers and bathrooms 

  • Bathrooms (toilets) are sanitized regularly and guests are requested to sanitize their hands when using and leaving the bathrooms.

  • The main showers building will be open in limited hours for sanitization between each "Organic Group" using the facility. Showers opening hours are between 07:00-10:00 and 17:00-22:00 only.

Food and dining services

  • The self-serving kitchenette is closed. It is not possible to use the refrigerators, stoves, or any other public facility for cooking.

  • You can cook your own food using the fire pits scattered in the compound, or using your own portable stove in the designated spots around the compound while staying apart from other groups.

  • We recommend arriving with your own food that you brought from home or bought at the local supermarket. In case the food requires cooling we'll be happy to provide ice to your cooler.

All takeaway meals require to order in advance, upon arrival.

Meals are served on disposable-degradable dishes.

Breakfast - "Nigovey Navadim"

Light breakfast

Price: 35 ILS per person adult / kids

Pickup hours: 08:00-09:00

Included: pita bread, labane, jam, tahini, hummus, vegetables, yogurt with date honey, dates, tea or black coffee.

Dinner - "Bedouin Mansaf"

Available only on Tuesday & weekends

Price: 180 ILS family size / 90 ILS couple size

Pickup hours: 19:00-20:00

Included: Bedouin-style (disposable) tray of chicken slices in vegetables spicey stew on top of spiced rice. Side dishes of hummus, vegetables and pita bread.

Takeaway - Ordering fresh meals to eat in the open air


  • We measure the body temperature for our staff at the beginning of every day.

  • Every staff member require to sign a daily Health Waver. 

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Our office is open Sunday - Thursday

Hours: 09:00 - 13:30 (Jerusalem GMT+02)

Kakal Boulevard 1, Mitzpe Ramon

Phone:    +972-86586229

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